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Cruising and diving in the Maldives

Liveaboard KEANA

You are interested in diving in Maldives?

Generally speaking, the best diving in Maldives is from a boat. On a resort the range of diving is always limited. On a boat however you have the best of any region, no matter what season or weather. Additionally, most of your fellow-passengers are experienced, while on resorts occasional-divers prevail. The „real“ diving in Maldives takes place on liveaboards, and we are one of the very best. Keana (speak Ke-ana) is one of the finest diving-vessels in Maldives. Diving on Keana  is outstanding due to long-year experience. We concentrate on the job only and provide a modern vessel with all comforts. We are proud not to announce jacuzzis, motor scooters, flat screens in the cabins and other gimmicks. Instead off, we offer overwater-cabins with windows to open, the most experienced diving staff and  a vessel from divers for divers. We definitely do not tolerate spearfishing, lobster catching or removing any living souvenirs from the sea.
Keana stays for an excellent vessel, reliable organization and the best diving you can get in maldives.

We hope to welcome you on board.

Yours, Alexander „Cocco“ Schmidt 

(Boatmanager Keana)

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