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Liveabord cruising and diving in the Maldives
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Routes and Diving


We operate by default from the Airport Hulule, i.e. Hulumale Lagoon. From time to time we offer longer trips to the north including Lhaviayani and Noon Include Atolls, in the south up to  Laam Atoll. In principle, each tour is possible, provided the time frame is set properly. Even for long journeys applies the normal charter price, but a diesel surcharge is payable. Our standard area are Ari and and Felidu Atoll, with 2-3 dives in both Male Atoll. In the last decade fishing operations have become much less in these atolls, so the quality has increased thereby. Both atolls, offer more than some remote atoll.

Ari Atoll has it all. Beautiful reefs, lots of fish, safe sharks and whale sharks (which often must be shared with 50 other snorkellers).

In the time of east monsoon, the east side of Felidu Atoll is a rewarding destination. From time to time we organize tours also to the Baa Atoll, boasting beautiful reefs. Because sharks are not so plentiful there, we usually combine combine Baa with Lhaviyani Atollwere we find good shark spots plus two rewarding wrecks. A Baa Atoll trip only for Hanifaru Lagoon's is not worth it.

The atolls north of Baa / Lhaviyani we believe are not rewarding enough. The atolls south of 1/12 degree channel (Huvadu, Mulak, Addu) are far away and do require a minimum 2 week tour.


We dive from Dhoni, where the diving equipment remains throughout the journey.


16-17. The first dive, a gentle familiarization-dive, is on the arrival day (Sunday), provided that the arrival takes place no later than 1pm.

Monday - Friday each 3 dives, including at least one night dive. Saturday morning is one dive, after we cross back to Hulumale, where we arrive by 2-3 Optional visit to the capital Male.


Sunday by 10am latest (Late check-out possible if space available depending on arrivals)


Since the Maldivian diving regulations demand an advanced certificate level for unrestricted dives, we also request PADI Advanced Level or equivalent. We recommend for cruises a minimum of 30 dives to take part in the full diving operations. Maldives has a general depth limit of 30m, no decomprssion dives allowed.


We expect from our clients that they are fully equipped on their own. However, a limited number of rental equipment is available.


The necessary setup for Nitrox is huge on a boat, with little advantages on the other side. We cannot make at firm commitment for Nitrox at this moment.


Depth limit required by law 30 m, we impose a dive limit of 60 minutes in order to manage the daily program of diving and cruising. We expect from our divers perfect buoyancy to protect the coral, nothing, dead or alive must be removed from the sea.


We welcome rebreather-enthusiast, need however a personal contact first for arrangements.


2-3 diving-guides, board language is German and English


No fishing from th anchored main vessel. Only trolling allowed. The dinghy can be rented at a small fee for fishing

As fullcharter you may request a special route or atoll. Just contact us.